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Bedzzz Inn's website is in a Transitional State. Our Grand Opening date is set for August 2007. Most of our pages are not going to reflect our business concept until three months before our grand opening. If you are interested in viewing our Business Plan, we have provided you with a link below.

Welcome to Bedzzz Inn's Business Plan and Verification Links

Bedzzz Inn Retail business plan and verification links are available for legitimacy purposes. If you are viewing our information, we request your full confidentiality of our company secrets. If you have any questions on any of our documents or web link, please email us or call JR Watkins at (866) 858-8867 ext 711. 

Business Plan - PDF - Username: bedzzzinn Password: bedzzzinn

State of Tennessee Secretary of State - Articles of Incorporation - PDF

Federal Government SEC Filing

BEDZZZ INN's Corporate By-Laws - PDF - For current Investors.

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