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The Way Out Of It

The Pope is not the only one concern about poverty. I am too and I am doing something about it not just talking saying what a shame there are so many people living in poverty. Jobs or income is what is needed not to mention good healthcare. Some people are unable to get around because of health reasons. I am happy that I have created a business system that can fight poverty at the core. Education and skills are not that important but can help. The system can fit you not you fitting the system. Just pick the method of making money that fits you best.

Open Deals List Presents 4 Corners Alliance Group

Open Deals List is proud to present 4Corners Alliance Group
You can now be a part of a rapidly growing community of success driven and

profit minded entrepreneurs who are focused on building and nurturing your financial success.

First, you now have in your arsenal a robust suite of financial products that are

proven to give its users a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Second, you now have an EXPLOSIVE wealth opportunity and a safe and secure worldwide money in and money out option. This means weekly payouts that happen literally while you sleep.

Free Money + Sales + Store

So many people are unemployed or underemployed and need money. That is why Open Deals List was created. We have Internet jobs waiting that you can work on line or off. High income commissions and small commissions. You pick the job that you like.. There are no fees to start work. You can start work today. You can work on your time. You pick the job that fits your skill level. You can build lasting relationships.


Open Deals List

Leverage Marketing

P7 Suround Sound System


P7 HD Surround Sound System - MSRP $2,499.00 Deal Price $900.00

Compatible with :








For information on how to snag this deal go to:

Open Deals List Fights Poverty

Do you open deals or do you close them?

Do You OD?

Do you open deals or do you close them?


Open Deals List
Leverage Marketing

Free Money + Sales

Fellow Networker,

No time for Hype:

A new push-button system has just launched called...

Open Deals List

...and I wanted to share it with you first.

If you are looking to make money
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Open Deals List

Open Deals List Is Not Selling

I AM NOT SELLING ANYTING. I am just offering a way to get you real people to promote and sell or convert your offers. You will get three way marketing power. A brand new way to market that works. It works because you have email, search engine and man power marketing that is triggered when you post on Open Deals List. When you post your offer we will sent job offers out high lighting you offer When people with the know how become aware they will be ready to except it. Also when you are listed with Open Deals List you will have search engine listing. That is three way marketing.

Flip Houses For Free

I have a way that you can use to flip houses without using your own money. You can receive partners to help you and you can get funding for your flipping. To do this you must get your funding here : But you must start seeking partners by posting your area and url (blog or website ) with

Flip Houses For Free

Flipping house for little money is easy if you know how. All you have to do is get people to find houses in your area that are low priced fix it up a little and share the proceeds from the house sale by giving a commission. The first thing you do is post your website or blog with a deal that requires people to find the houses that are to be flipped. You can post the deal on here : with the heading " House flippers wanted with your url with the deal and commission offered.

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