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Revenue Sharing Introduction to Pages @ bitbillions

At Last... The Wealth of the internet is being shared with the ordinary guy!

GBBG's Bitbillions CEO has launched a simple video to explain exactly why the Big boys are able to make money and why YOU/WE/US deserve to receive a BIG portion of virtually Everything that is Ever earned on the internet via what we ourselves generate.... CONTENT!


With Pages @ bitbillions a whopping 70% is shared with its members... ALL FOR FREE!

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See you there.

The BEST Single $50 you Will EVER Spend!

Consider a 1 time donation of $50 to secure & MAXIMIZE your Financial Future, sharing Generated Revenue Cash pools in a Complimentary Position as Founder with a technology that has the VERY REAL POTENTIAL to replace Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, amazon.com, facebook, twitter, skype, ebay, itunes, Netflix, youtube, GF Gamefly, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, BNP PARIBIS, ICBC, Credit Agricole, Barclays, Bank of America, JPMorganChase & MORE!!

YES!! That's a 1 time donation! Not & NEVER any monthly payments, dues etc!

GBBG Bitbillions Explained

What it is and what to do... you register, wait until the launch at the end of June/beginning of July, you login regularly, use the websites and or protocols therein, using the the same login details (this will be a universal login) and your time on any of those is logged, earning points that are paid, just now, in bitcoins at the end of every month.

Free Residual Incomes for the Rest of your Life!

Sounds too good to be true & in most cases it usually is.

Why is this different? Because you don't need to promote! (Thats up to the individual should they wish to generate more income by sharing).

Registration is free, with no obligation to spend money & no subscription fees EVER!

First Mover Advantage

For 10 years, an organization known only as GBBG has been quietly developing technology poised to revolutionize the Internet and mobile communication. This organization is an autonomous group of programmers and web developers working toward one common goal: to create a system so disruptive it completely changes the entire Internet. GBBG is on the verge of releasing it's core product.

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iLA First Mobile App to MLM

iLA - The Inspired Living Application - is a one of a kind mobile application that makes it possible for the average, every day person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry.


The iLA application delivers a high quality, professionally produced, personal development videos to your mobile device on a weekly basis. With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:-

iLA First mobile app to mlm

iLA, The Inspired Living Application, is a one of a kind, mobile application that makes it possible for the average, every day person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry.

With iLA you will regularly be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals, excel in business, relationships, health, and enjoy success in your life. $9.95 a month Plus Free right now until after the launch

3x7 Forced Matrix
3 referrals 10% Matching Bonus
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Total Social Media Solution - News

Bill Ganz, owner of Total Social Media Solution for Small Businesses has recently announced the release of its new online training program which takes a unique approach to traditional marketing. This program utilizes an internet marketing strategy known as “white hat marketing” which is a safe and ethical means to market one’s business on the internet.

What do you wish for, what do you want?

IWUNT is a new and fun community based on the concept of making dreams come true.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Our sponsors supply the awards to our members…

Is there a limit to what I can ask for?
If I win, am I guaranteed to get exactly what I want?
Do I have to pay taxes on my prize?
Can I participate outside of the US and how old do I have to be?
How often can I vote and how often can I post?
How long does it take to get what I want once I am chosen?
What are my obligations if I am chosen as a winner?

All is revealed:-


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