Comet Ison...

Comet Ison has not been the huge sight it was originally made out to be but it has still to finish its journey around the sun. It may break up in its passing or re-appear in January as it leaves our solar system. It is still supposed to appear on the eastern horizon as it nears the sun in November. We will have to see.

I found this interesting video on Youtube about Ison. Enjoy.

D L Johnson

Keep your eyes open…

And your knees bent in the days ahead. I search Youtube and Drudgereport daily for world events that are not generally talked about in the news media. I present what may be relevant and simply feel we must be in prayer for leading into the days of coming darkness. I know there are those who feel we have nothing to worry about and that Yahushua (Jesus) will take us away at any moment. I say to them, Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Strong Delusion

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?
Numbers 23:19

We have addressed when it is possible the “strong delusion” could occur but maybe we should address his sending it and that he is not lying but allowing a lie to occur.

Not important in itself but interesting that in a way how it is similar to the book of Job in that God allowed Job to be tried by Satan. We as a collective group will be tried and will either stand for truth or fall for the lie.


If there were a need to apologize for facing and presenting truth than I guess I would apologize for being a realist instead of an idealist. It has been said that the difference between the two are summed up partially as follows:

“Idealism is "what could be" where realism is "what actually is". Another comparison is that idealist are positive thinkers where realists tend to be very rational.”

In Honour of Kings 2: A Concluded Matter I wrote the following:

How accurate is the Infinity Bible Code?

Part 5

Is Psalm 117 a clue as to when Christ returns?

As the days progress we will just have to wait and see. The premise of my book Honour of Kings presents that there are different aspects that present this as a strong possibility. The very structure of the Bible itself, the Gematria meaning of numbers (17 is the number for victory) while the 17th Hebrew letter has some interesting meanings that tie into the return of Christ as described in the book of Revelation.

How accurate is the Infinity Bible Code?

Part 4

In a previous blog entry I made mention of J R Church’s book, Prophecies in the Psalms where he equates Psalms being the 19th book of the Bible to the 1900’s or the 20th century. In his book he found parallels between events in 1948, 1917 and other years as they related to Israel being and becoming a nation but when we examine the Psalms and matching chapters we find other events hidden in the scriptures.

How accurate is the Code?

Part 2

Audio files of Al Neal's conference calls are available for those interested in more information and listening:

In one of his talks he makes mention of the fact that every chapter of the Bible has anywhere from one to three Hebrew letters over them. I mention this in Honour of Kings and have dubbed it as N/C/O for the sake of simplicity.

How accurate is the Code?

Just how accurate is the Infinity Bible Code? Below is a Youtube video of the original talk given by Al Neal several years ago.

In it you will discover that if you take any Hebrew or Greek word and find its numeric value, you will find one of three things in the corresponding chapter of the same numeric value:

1. The word itself.
2. The antonym or synonym of the word or,
3. The definition of the word

When is covetousness a good thing?

Before our study into code accuracy, a recent dream made me stop and ponder it’s meaning. In the dream something welled up within me and as I awakened the first thought that came to mind was a jealousy. I was aware of the scripture in James 4:5
which states that the spirit within us lusteth to envy but I felt that this was not the reason for the dream.

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