The Very Distinct Pattern

Why do the 22 Hebrew Letters form a distinct pattern throughout the Bible? I have to admit I do not know but I can attest to the fact that it is there and that is what we explore in Honour of Kings.

The very middle of the bible contains the entire set of letters with their meanings contained in the corres-ponding set of verses. Honour of Kings will then show how these meanings are contained in each chapter of the Bible weaving the events in the Bible together along a common thread.

How to not cast a SHADow

Recently I realized something following prayer.

One day I was doing a bit of a word study. I was studying OB in the word Obsession. As the Hebrew word for familiar spirit is OB then it seems the word obsession has some tie to familiar spirits.

The Rise of Anti-Christ in 2013?

In my book Honour of Kings we explore the meanings of numbers, their Hebrew equivalents and how scriptures line up to years and the Psalms. The number 13 in Gematria and Hebrew both equate to not so nice things even though it is the year 2013.

The year 2011 not only made its debut with the Arab spring but 2012 was an election year. The number 11 means Judgment and Disorder while 12 means perfect government.

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