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Once saved - Always saved (OSAS) is an old argument more than likely but just as much a heresy as a Secret Rapture that can also be destroyed quite easily with one simple scripture as so recently proven in a recent Youtube video discussion stating that those who don't believe in OSAS are not saved ...... wait a minute then that creates a paradox in and of itself. You are saved by believing in Jesus for all eternity but not believing a doctrine makes you un-saved .... I had to get an aspirin after that one.

The coming Purge!

For those that saw the movie, this is not that Purge. The purge I am referring to can be found in John 15.

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What do Daniel chapters 2 through 5 and John chapters 14 through 17 have in common?

While they both are just four given chapters of two different books they do have one thing in common. They both lay out the days ahead and the years they occur.

True or false statement, you decide.

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Think again!

For those who think the world is all sugar and rose parades!

Time to wake up and see what is happening around them.

Keep your eyes open and your knees bent.

D L Johnson

Coming soon - Honour of Kings 3: The Time of the End

The final Book in the Honour of Kings series "The Time of the End" has been completed and will be available the week of September 1st.

Eutheos De Meta .... What does it mean?

In a recent discussion on-line I asked one who believed in the Pre-trib doctrine to look at exactly what Jesus said and get back to me. I am not sure if he even examined Matthew 24 for himself but ended the conversation with, "I am not going to argue with you...". But I kindly pointed out that his argument was not with me as it is his "exact" words I was asking him to look at.

Few will ever discuss "exactly" what Jesus said. One even went as far as to say, "after means before" (that ended that for me that time).

Comical view to explain current issues.

These videos are funny but they are current issues. Both were made 3 years ago but it is happening as we speak. I laugh at the voicing and the truth being explained.

Enjoy and be informed.

D L Johnson

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