Defending the truth in the face of Herecy

I just recently left a forum where someone there openly taught re-incarnation to the point that he proclaimed himself Jesus and Einstein. Maybe in your travels about the web you have run into this individual or even our "aurgument" back and forth. If anyone happened to find our discussions I would apologize if anything was wrong in my responses but I found it quite comical that anyone would proclaim themselve Jesus on a Christian website.

A Palestinian State?

In the questioning of, "What is next?" we can't help but remember how the word itself says how they cry, "peace and safety" and sudden destruction come upon them. Will a splitting of their land cause a splitting of our own?

This video is simply my way of showing that there are those who think this is a possibility. Again I say pray that this is not the case in the near future but something is going to wake a sleeping church from its slumber.

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Why 22?

I recently asked myself, "Why 22?". I was truly puzzled and opened my copy of Ed Vallowes book, "Biblical Numerics" not sure if the number was even mentioned. Lo and behold it means, "Light" and it dawned on me that these were the first words God spoke, "Let there be light."

It has been said the Adam and Eve were clothed in light and when they sinned they were naked (the light went out). He set the time even when man thought he was in control and decided on B.C to A.D time aspects.

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Honour of Kings 2: A Concluded Matter

Honour of Kings 2 is now available. It is only 99 cents as Kindle would not allow free distribution. Amazon will have copies for only 9.99 to cover printing and shipping cost of the books. It will still be given away to those who have already purchased a copy of Honour of Kings: The KJV Bible Code. Afterwards a Special Edition will be published that will encompass both books into one volume.

Thnak You

David J

GBBG Bitbillions Explained

What it is and what to do... you register, wait until the launch at the end of June/beginning of July, you login regularly, use the websites and or protocols therein, using the the same login details (this will be a universal login) and your time on any of those is logged, earning points that are paid, just now, in bitcoins at the end of every month.

Change in Bedzzz Inn Inc Payout Schedule

Attention Fundraiser,

Recently, Google announced that they were retiring Google Checkout for merchants that sold physical goods. As of June, Bedzzz Inn Inc was transitioned to Google Wallet because we sold electronic goods. Therefore,Google Wallet payout schedule to merchants is once a month versus every 4 day payouts to our bank.

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