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Everybody who has something to show potential customers advertise and when they have seen your ad over and over they might click on it and they might be interested It is up to your website to close the deal.. For me I think that is not good enough. That is why I created a three way marketing tool called Open Deals List. Open Deals List provides email and search engine and manpower marketing. It is the first of its kind.

Leverage Marketing

Jesus is Lord

The concept that Jesus (Yahushua) is Lord and that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess his name is beyond the concept of some. What would be even more shocking is the thought that we live in a Holographic Universe and that God spoke all things into existence including himself.

As crazy as this may sound, what could I possibly mean by this statement?

Open Deals List Sells

Welcome to Open Deals List.
Are you looking for a way to make your business or offer succeed or are you looking to make money? Open Deals List can help you find the optimal solution for your needs.? We have created a ideal place to list your deals and make your sales soar or get your business or offer results. Or if you just want to close a deal and make money you can. Just pick a deal you like for the money you want and close it.

Can You Handle the Truth - OSAS

Once saved - Always saved (OSAS) is an old argument more than likely but just as much a heresy as a Secret Rapture that can also be destroyed quite easily with one simple scripture as so recently proven in a recent Youtube video discussion stating that those who don't believe in OSAS are not saved ...... wait a minute then that creates a paradox in and of itself. You are saved by believing in Jesus for all eternity but not believing a doctrine makes you un-saved .... I had to get an aspirin after that one.

The coming Purge!

For those that saw the movie, this is not that Purge. The purge I am referring to can be found in John 15.

Your Press Release For You

The Open Deal List Press Release
Why should you be in on the press release? Exposure of your deal and or website to millions. Of course you could have your own press release but would it be picked up by the news outlets? We will, and your program will receive a rush of prospects. We will because we have a one of a kind website. We help start-ups get up and running or currant businesses expand and we also provide jobs. That is news worthy and will be picked up because of it.

Proven and accurate results

What do Daniel chapters 2 through 5 and John chapters 14 through 17 have in common?

While they both are just four given chapters of two different books they do have one thing in common. They both lay out the days ahead and the years they occur.

True or false statement, you decide.

Open Deals List

The Open Deals List

Start your business. You need conversions! You can make your business succeed. Pay only for positive results. Word of mouth on steroids. Increase your cash flow and boost anything you are promoting at the Open Deals List. You can capitalize from a Press Release.

Cash In Hand

Do you want cash directly in hand every day non-stop from the bank ATM? Yes a bank is willing to give you free money for your help. It is easy. Join free earn free. Get $20 For Joining Free !!!

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