Eutheos De Meta .... What does it mean?

In a recent discussion on-line I asked one who believed in the Pre-trib doctrine to look at exactly what Jesus said and get back to me. I am not sure if he even examined Matthew 24 for himself but ended the conversation with, "I am not going to argue with you...". But I kindly pointed out that his argument was not with me as it is his "exact" words I was asking him to look at.

Few will ever discuss "exactly" what Jesus said. One even went as far as to say, "after means before" (that ended that for me that time).

Comical view to explain current issues.

These videos are funny but they are current issues. Both were made 3 years ago but it is happening as we speak. I laugh at the voicing and the truth being explained.

Enjoy and be informed.

D L Johnson

So, Is God choosing sides in the Gaza conflict? You decide.

Laughed till I cried reading these articles. Read them and see one reason the causalities are so one sided.

The soldier jumped up and said, "There is a God."

I couldn't stop laughing. There are stories similar during the 6 day war. One story of how the enemy left their tanks running and reported seeing giant angels guarding the handful of Israeli tanks (on a hill if I remember right).

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Fema camp part has begun...

The Fema camp part of America's future has begun with the influx of children who have come across the border from Mexico. This event was only a matter of time.

Pray for this nation. This is only the beginnings of what lies just ahead and burying our heads in the sands of entertainment and sports is not going to lessen the impact.

My sincere prayers for you and yours. It is time to wake up.

D L Johnson

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