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Raise Capital with Fundraiser 1.0™

Fundraiser 1.0 Testimonials -

Sam (Houston, TX) - I have been searching and searching for ways to raise money. This program reaches funding sources you could not imagine. I have raised in one day $4,500.  

Ericka (San Francisco, CA) - After seeing a posting on Craigslist, I thought this could not be true. After reading the instructions and what I needed to do, I started raising money for all types of projects. Yestin (Great Britain) - While the economy has taken a fall, I am fortunate to use Fundraiser 1.0. I am raising over $4,000 a week. This is a great program for a bad economy. Reese (Atlanta, GA) - I have heard about this program before, but I was skeptical if the program works. It has been a week, and I have raised more than $8,200.

Sally (UK) - I just started using Fundraiser 1.0. It has allowed me to raise money for my Charity. 

Henrik (South Africa) - I live in poorest country on earth, and I am raising money for my local village. I could not believe how easy this software is. I raised more than $3500 in less than a week. Chris (Manhattan, NY) - I started this program when it was in BETA. I raised $32,500 in a week. I could not believe how easy this program works. I did not have a business plan, and I still got the money I needed. Ayaka (Japan) - I live in Japan, and this software has helped me raise enough money to pay for college in less than a month. You can use this software for anything.

Product Description:

Fundraiser 1.0™ is a product created to help organizations (For-profit or Non-Profit), entrepreneurs, income seekers, and the average person with an alternative solution to raise money or capital online. Bedzzz Inn, Inc raised more than $92,867 in capital in 90 days online without the need for banks, investors, and grants using creative financing. Fundraiser 1.0 will show you how to raise capital or funding from people online looking for capital or funding in classifieds, forums, social media, Google and Yahoo searches and much more. "Entrepreneurs are always searching in the wrong places for money and/or paying money to websites to help them locate investors with no success or paying on high interest loans that ruins their credit, but when all they needed to do is come together for the same cause of raising money" (JR Watkins, CEO). 

Fundraiser 1.0 Software Back Office:

There are over 500,000 people online searching for capital every day or right now. What if 50 out of 500,000 people online looking for capital could help you raise the money you need. Once you have purchased Fundraiser 1.0, you will have access to all the tools that Bedzzz Inn, Inc used to raise capital online. All the programming is setup; therefore, all you do is select the level of funding or capital you need. Use the tools in Fundraiser 1.0 to connect to online seekers through the program. Fundraiser 1.0 takes care of the entrepreneurs funding expectations in the Back Office, and then the Fund Raiser receives funding verifications in 24 hours on all of his or her seekers affiliate transactions.

Fundraiser 1.0 Internal Fees:

Once you purchased Fundraiser 1.0, you will have to pay a fee starting at $5 to Fundraiser 1.0 for the referring Fund Raiser. You will make this back in the matter of hours once you start. 
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1. Read Fundraiser 1.0 Downloadable Instructions after Checkout.

2. An email is sent to access Fundraiser 1.0™ with a Registration Code to set-up your account. No Software to download! Fundraiser 1.0 is an Intranet Based Software.

3. Select how much you want to raise in funding.

4. Start raising funds! 

Fundraiser 1.0 Fair Return Policy
After reading the instructions on how the program works, if you do not like how Fundraiser 1.0 raises funds or capital, you can Click Here to get your money back at any time. If you start the program, there is no return policy. Provide your payment receipt information to complete your cancellation.


 New Feature! Raise Money from 192 Countries | Jan  2014
 Update! Raise Money to Pay Bills Tools           | Jan  2014

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Featured Testimonial: Philip (Miami, FL) - I own a small business in South Florida, I am using Fundraiser 1.0 to cash flow my business. All I had to do is participate in the program. Plus, I am receiving funding every day just for doing exactly as the program described. Thank god I found this program on the internet. Its going to help my business be more competitive. Sincerely, Philip G.


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