About Us

Bedzzz Inn, Inc was founded by JR Watkins in 2003 as a startup bedding company. After searching for capital for three years, his team has taken raising capital in their own hands. September 2006, Bedzzz Inn, Inc raised $92,867 in capital. JR Watkins, President/Chairman was excited after this accomplishment, he started extending this raising capital program to many corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to raise capital too. In 2007, Bedzzz Inn, Inc will be opening its first retail location in Nashville, TN.

JR Watkins would like to thank every corporation, small business, and entrepreneur participating in the program, and would like to thank family and friends for standing beside Bedzzz Inn, Inc efforts.

Bedzzz Inn Retail Concept:

Bedzzz Inn Retail is a mattress store with 4 or more Hotel Rooms. Our clients are going to have a unique opportunity to sleep in our mattress store overnight on a mattress of their choice in the Botticelli Suite, Manet Suite, Da Vinci Suite, or Vermeer Suite. We will carry variety of mattress brands with Dormo-Diagnostics Body Mapping Systems. They will be able to wake up from the experience, and know what they liked or disliked. Our clients will be able to choose from packages such as Bedroom Furniture, Sleep Accessories, Pillows, Comforters, and Mattresses to complete their bedroom needs under one roof. 



Corporate Office:

2904 Burtonwood Dr. 

Spring Hill, TN 37174

(866) 858-8867